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Canadian Universities

Canadian universities welcome each year many Mauritanian students; a majority of which are registered in the following universities: You will find the Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada Web site, the directory of Canadian universities (

Exemption Scholarships

By virtue of an accord between Mauritania and the Province of Québec, the Québec Government grants exemption scholarships to Mauritanian students whom study and are registered in a university in Québec. These scholarships exempt the students from paying any registration fees. Currently ten students benefit from these scholarships.

The student will continue to benefit from this scholarship until he or she completes their degree usually of four years. Any failure, bad marks, change of program automatically triggers the suspension of this exemption. Any place left vacant will be attributed to a student that fulfills the required conditions. The number of scholarships remains the same and therefore does not differ from year to year. Any departure leads to a replacement.

The administrator that ensures the continuance of the program is the Chief of the Permanent Mission of Mauritania to the United Nations in New York.

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